Lime Tree Kids

Lime Tree Kids

Formed by Shelley Mason in 2011, Lime Tree Kids brings a hand-picked, exclusive collection of tried-and-tested toys and products for kids and mums, that all have real meaning behind their use. Not just big, shiny and LOUD toys!

In 2007, when Shelley travelled with her husband, Dave to bring home their son, Sam from Taiwan, she discovered he really needed time spent learning to be loved. He had a series of very special needs that required him to slowly learn to trust and develop relationships. He also had severe hyperactivity and hyper-arousal so these special needs made even the simplest playtime a struggle and bedtime a nightmare!

Shelley embarked on a journey of discovery, finding toys and items that would enhance this experience of self esteem, laughter and bonding with her son.

As a keen follower of attachment-style parenting. She believes that play is the most important thing for you and your child to experience together. Through child-led play comes learning, laughter, eye contact, touch and development of a relationship/bond between each other that allows the child to grow in all areas of development.

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